“Until the unconscious becomes conscious it will direct our lives and we will call it fate”                                                                   

Carl Jung 

Conscious Forgiveness 

  • Did you know that the Aramaic word for forgiveness is Shabagh and that it has its origin in the 1st Century Aramaic healing with the teachings of Y’Shua (Jesus)?.
  • Did you also know the meaning is: to “untie”, to cut, to cancel, everything that keep us from our ESSENCE that is LOVE, and that nothing and no one can destroy that essence?.
  • Did you know that forgiveness has nothing to do with the other?

Quite possibly what you know about forgiveness is a distorted and learned version of what history says, religion; family beliefs or what you heard at school. A cultural learning passed by word of mouth since our childhood and accepted unconsciously. This has meant that today there is an absolute confusion of the meaning, resistance to practice it and therefore we do not enjoy the benefits due to ignorance.

Some of these learnings for example can be: Believing that the other will get away with it if you forgive; that to forgive is weakness; that God has something to do with the problem, and the one who forgives is Him, and if you don’t do it He will punish you; that you must reconcile with the other, and many other interpretations that were made of the Bible that look like Google translations where the real meaning is lost, because that really wasn’t what was originally said. 

The way we were taught it is obsolete. From a young age we are taught to resent and not feel instead of FEELING. That is, to “forgive” when we are not ready yet. The victim is not given the time to decide if he is really ready to forgive, and we send the aggressor to apologize for the damage (which is fine), but we do not investigate why he did what he did. Which makes him very possibly to repeat the behavior.

Forgiving is an intentional mental management process of self-regulation, in order to reach that essence that I mentioned at the beginning, that original state of Being: LOVE. It is a process that involves certain stages, not an event. It is a skill that is learned, and also a conscious choice that is made again and again. The more we practice the more we will be in that state and our life will be more pleasant. For me it is fundamental not only to become aware of the original meaning, but also teach how to perform the process.

In short, not knowing the true meaning is taking away the real value. However, when we know and make conscious what it means, we can consciously choose to practice it or not. Otherwise, we are just following cultural guidelines and we are prisoners of circumstances. By making it conscious, no one will decide for us. It is up to us to choose what is there to learn from what happens to us. Anyway, that’s the only way to experience real freedom.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey back to your ESSENCE so you can experience the life you deserve.

Forgiveness is NOT a PRESCRIPTION (medical, religious or cultural), it is a CHOICE that is made consciously and NOT from the idea that we Must do it 

– Carmen Trujillo –

It is knowing that you are in essence love and therefore you know that there is nothing to forgive, but to feel, find the patterns and reintegrate the information so that we find the reason for what happens to us, which is always for our good.

It is to go to your time and at your own pace unveiling and removing everything that takes you away from your essence, everything you have learned that was not there from the beginning of your existence.  

It’s choosing to heal for yourself and for yourself.

It is choosing to be completely free, creator and responsible for your life, and not a victim of fate.

It is to really know the meaning of the word Forgive not only in the head but to experience it in the body day by day.

It is to remember without pain

It is to remember without pain.

The greatest act of trust in you and your ability to connect with your divinity 

It is through that conscious act that you can discover the ability to connect with your mission, and purpose and through there serve the whole. 

It is to understand that we are human to the extent that we relate to others.

It is to integrate the human and the divine. The spiritual and the earthly, the energetic and the physical. 

It is to live and heal consciously. 

It is to find you, to remember you, to recognize you. 

It’s being free.


¿What is Forgiveness Week?

Virtual Forgiveness Week is a My Healing Choice event that was born in 2020. It was born out of my need to expand knowledge around the world about what forgiveness really means.

We will celebrate it every year from 11-17 Nov. My idea is to interview experts in the area, from different currents. In addition, people with life experience from all over the world. We will also be doing activities that week worldwide to create awareness and change at the social level. You can watch interviews from the previous years on my YouTube channel: My Healing choice

The objective is to change the misconceptions about forgiveness, to know contrasted tools after years of experience of the interviewees, to be able to put it into practice effectively, and understand it as a way of living to achieve a full, Healthy and Free of resentment Life. 

Remember, that if one heals we all heal and that Forgiving is always a possible choice.


Write to us if you want to be interviewed.