There is no healing of the body without healing of the mind and spirit.

Carmen Trujillo Prestopino 

MSPT, CLT, Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach. Area Served: Southwest Florida

Founder of My Healing Choice and I am here to help you heal your emotional and physical wounds.

I have 25 years of experience starting in Venezuela in hospital environments  and then in the United States. I have worked also in private clinics, and with patients at home. All this  have taught me to understand the deep connection of our mind, body and spirit.

With over 25 years of experience, Carmen Trujillo has a master’s degree in Physical Therapy, with an additional certification as a Lymphedema Therapist from the Norton School of Lymphatics. She also holds a B.S. in Psychology in 1997   from  Central University of Venezuela.

Carmen’s interest in oncology began while she was pursuing her Clinical Psychology degree. At that time, she had an opportunity to work with breast cancer patients in the Oncology Department at the University Hospital of Caracas, Venezuela.

Her interest became her passion when she was called on to help her own father fight the disease while she was in Venezuela and later while pursuing her Master Degree at the University of Central Florida in Orlando 2004.

She firmly believe that ultimate healing occurs when patients take an active role in their recovery, and cancer is not an exception. 

Throughout her 25 -year career starting in Venezuela , Carmen has treated orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular and oncology patients in a variety of settings, including home care , hospital, out-patient care, in English and Spanish.

In the last 13 years, she has worked in home care primarily with geriatric population with lymphedema conditions and chronic venous insufficiency among other. Her main approach always has been focusing on integrating her psychology background and therapeutic skills in providing high quality, compassionate care to assist her clients in regaining their functional independence and emotional health.

With that mindset she found Radical Forgiveness and experienced the benefits of it firsthand, after a complicated butt successful fertility process. I decided to become certified as a Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner, to be able to provide this to her clients. She firmly belief that healing comes from within, and empowerment is the key to health. 

I help Clients to recover their functional independence as well as their emotional health. I found the area I feel most passionate to work with is with oncology patients. 


Helping clients with debilitating conditions such cancer to discover their self-healing potential, providing patient-specific rehabilitation services that include mind body and spirit  during and after their treatment to optimize recovery of function and improve quality of life.



To be an international point of reference in the area of ​​comprehensive health elevating the standard of care of oncology patients by providing patient specific rehabilitation care prior during and after treatment including physical, mental and emotional care strategies in order to maximize quality of life. Using Forgiveness as a fundamental tool for comprehensive health.



With the understanding of the individuality of each client, we work in conjunction with them in order to facilitate their process by offering the tools to find their self-healing power to guide their own recovery.